news bites 2.23.10

We're interrupt our Fashion Week enthusiasm to share news that has caught out eye...

- In its first major push globally, J. Crew announced that an edited selection of products and exclusive styles and colors will be featured on Net-a-porter’s Web site starting in mid-May (currently, J. Crew is available only in North America and Japan).
- Union Jack products are the latest shopping craze.
- Is Katie from Racked the new Tavi? We don't think so but we'll mention her anyway.
- It's an animal house at BCBG.

- Chef Ferran Adria said his restaurant, elBulli, will become a "foundation for avant-garde gastronomy lovers" in 2014.
- Tomato-gate? Former CEO of SK Foods charged with running his company as a criminal racketeering enterprise for more than a decade.
- The world's first open source restaurant opens: guests can dine and receive instructions for preparing everything they see, eat and use within the location.
- Midtown might be "gripped by the Pizzacone" (via Eater NY) but we spotted it first in 2006.