What's old is new again.
We like the new spin on "choose your own movie ending" presented by Range Rover. Being Henry takes the virtual experience to the next level with an interactive action-love-fantasy-comedy-adventure about choices. The product placement is subtle and there are nine different story lines with 32 possible ending scenes.
Take the movie for a spin HERE.
(note: beware of possible profanity if you are in a work setting)
{source: Funky Business}
Orla Keily Citron
{photo: Citroën}
Orla Kiely has designed a limited edition set of the DS3 series, with only 500 models bearing this retro color palette and Kiely’s signature acorn motif, for French car maker Citroën. We love how photographer Frederike Helwig captures ad campaign, with model Nathalie Sorrell wearing the designer’s corresponding collection of adorable dresses.
The details have us revved up.
Tomorrow, Tuesday Mat 24th, nationally recognized elder care expert and aging authority Dr. Marion (Marion Somers, PhD) will be rolling into Times Square in her souped-up old Greyhound bus to kick off the nationwide 3in4 Tour with the 3in4 Association.
The event includes a national contest where people can share stories about struggling to care with their loved ones. The winner will receive an ultimate caregiver makeover worth more than $50,000. Watch the launch, including a special announcement, here.
This tactic might seem an odd choice for issues related to health care but we love it. Given the rise of mobile campaigns heading to the streets, this bus tour is a great attention-grabber that appeals to the audience that Dr. Marion speaks to most- baby boomers who are caring for aging parents (who are also facing their own aging and retirement issues). Key messaging, using colors that sing Americana, wraps the bus as seen below.
The message certainly hits home with us. In addition to working with brands on trend research to impact and inform strategies, we've just recently returned from Arizona to better understand the issues impacting baby boomers and their again parents. While it might not the sexiest of trends, it's top of mind for much of the US population and we believe it is well worth a closer look from a cultural perspective.
We love the idea of a revamped old-school bus rolling across the country for 6-8 weeks at a time, hitting 15-20 cities at a time. Kudos to Dr. Marion and the 3in4 Association for going to the people to get pulse on the immediate needs on the health care front.

Loving this short film about how the power of words can radically change your message from Purple Feather.

Great tips for food, fashion & lifestyle creatives.

{photo: Coca-Cola}
Karl Lagerfeld has once again teamed up with Diet Coke to create three new bottle designs, reported Glam UK. The three designs with graphic treatments reminiscent of the 1980s feature swishy stripes, polka dots and black starbursts.

The ‘Diet Coke Limited Edition Collection by Karl Lagerfeld’ bottles will be available individually or in a Collector’s Box created by the designer this June.

There is also a new ad campaign featuring Coco Rocha, Heidi Mount and Jeneil Williams who are photographed by Kaiser Karl himself.

Tantalizing cultural goodness...

- This week in temporary dining, 15-year-old wunderchef Greg Grossman applies his molecular gastronomy know-how to a four-course dinner inspired by the works of Koons, Hirst, Lichtenstein, and Murakami.
- More than 50% of online consumers purchased more private label brands during economic downturn & 91% said they will continue to do so when the economy improves.

{photo: Springwise.com}
- In-store Kraft kiosk recommends recipes based on your face (kinda creepy use of technology).
- Vending machines that guess your age and sex (via PSFK).
- Research: Fast feeders serve up fresh buzzwords like: "Wholesome. Fresh. Natural. Local. Premium."
- Going Deutsch: Berlin Currywurst, German street food comes to LA LA Land.

- Worth reading - How Luxury Brands Should Approach Social Commerce.
- Rumor: HBO creating "Sex and The City" show for men.
- Social Media’s evolving role in Fashion Week (we thought making a fuss about bloggers in the front row was so 2009)

- So into "Wallis" (named after Duchess of Windsor) - a custom color by our client, butter LONDON, from NYFW. So chic.

As a trend illustrator, we love it when a big fish validates a past prediction. Thank you Starbucks for launching Starbucks Petites.

{image: Starbucks Coffee Company}

Starbucks foray into eight mini pastries (including cake pops, whoopie pies, mini cupcakes, and sweet squares) are the 2011 version of a trend we've been following since 2004. Initially, we saw traditional French petite pastries during a trendscaping trip to Fauchon as an authentic product extension and an artisan treat that was approachable as well as beautiful. Our second post from 2008 addressed the mini-momentum of smaller, less expensive indulgences. We continued in 2009 by embracing austerity chic with mini-portions in contrast to extravagant meals.

Starbucks versions are both approachable and economical but also target health and wellness with less than 200 calories each. We also like that Starbucks stays on-brand by talking to the pairing of coffee with sweets that include the ever-trendy cupcakes and more unique offerings (cake pops).

I'll eat my words if the Barney's "Have a Foodie Holiday" x Food Network windows are anything like these photos.

{photo: Nowness}

Nobuyoshi Araki created this exclusive set of fetishistic food photographs, starring model and actress Kiko Mizuhara, for Barneys New York holiday catalog as a limited-edition pull-out poster, and on the front of the ever-desirable Barneys gift card.

{source: NOWNESS}


French fashion house Lanvin is staging a fashion show in New York on November 18 to showcase the company's creations for H&M, the Swedish fast-fashion retailer. The show will include some one-off customized outfits that will be sold for charity afterward, reported Women's Wear Daily.

The event will be held a day before the opening party for a new H&M unit at the Forum Shops at Caesars in Las Vegas, where the collection will go on sale on November 20 ahead of the rest of the world. Proceeds from the customized clothes, which will be auctioned online, will go to Unicef.

The "Lanvin loves H&M" collection features clothes, hats, footwear, jewelry, sunglasses, lipstick and handbags and will arrive in 200 stores on November 23.

{sources: Stylist & WWD}

Barney's has partnered with the Food Network/Cooking Channel and Illy for it's theme for this year's holiday campaign. The slogan of the season is "Have a Foodie Holiday," reported Women's Wear Daily.

In all honesty, as a part of both the food and fashion industries, it's hard to be objective. On one hand, you have a iconic creative director embracing food as an important cultural influence. It's like having the size zero model discussion without really saying "it's OK to enjoy eating".

“We feel like something extraordinary has happened in our culture,” said Simon Doonan, Creative Director. “The foodie icons are stealing the limelight from the regular red-carpet celebs. At Barneys our customers are not really interested in what Kim Kardashian is up to or when Lindsay [Lohan] is getting out of jail. They are much more interested in Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain and Anne Burrell. Food is just as much a part of their landscape as fashion.”

Then there's The Food Network.

There was a time when many of us had high hopes for the network and were engaged in the programming. Let it be known that I have always had a soft spot for Alton Brown's show.

But let's face facts Barney's: Anthony Bourdain (A Cook's Tour) left years ago for the Travel Channel (No Reservations) and Mario Batali has not been seen at the Food Network since around 2004 (even taking a new concept Spain... on the road Again to PBS). Anne Burrell is the only interesting (or edgy) host to join the network in some time.

Furthermore, the motives are confusing. Isn't promoting a show like Sandra Lee's Semi-homemade at Barney's is like saying it's OK for Katie Holmes to hack off that beautiful F/W 2010 Louis Vuitton dress?

What do you think? Is the Food Network relevant?