The Bazaar LA
Could these cones of caviar from The Bazaar in Los Angeles, CA translate to a combo-meal for mainstream America? 
Modernist chef José Andrés shares his plans with Vanity Fair on "... influencing how we feed the many. We only feed the few."  His solution? "You achieve that through the fast-food restaurants. I guarantee you that in the next 10 to 20 years we are going to see more and more fast-food restaurants lead by chefs." 
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Starbucks SunValley Concept
When the Huffington Post shared photos of the new Starbucks 'Concept Shop' in Amsterdam, more than a couple elements in the design looked familiar.
We're not talking about the "U" shaped wine bar or food offerings at the three neighborhood named Seattle "concept shops" which popped up in 2009.
Oddly enough, the Amsterdam store looks much like the cafe in Ketchum, Idaho which opened in November 2011. Both locations feature sustainable design elements, like reclaimed wood, and are located within newly renovated historic buildings.
Sbux Ketchum
Starbucks Concept Store
Starbucks Store
Starbucks Ketchum
Perhaps the brand wanted to test the design back home before launching overseas.

Word has been floating about in certain circles of trend watchers and food types about the to-go pizza made in the shape of a ice cream cone. Founded in 2002 and based in Padova, Italy, they are franchising like crazy after opening five locations in Italy. There are plans for Kono's in the UK, Japan, Russia, Columbia and Korea.

What I do not understand is why anyone would put a Kono Pizza (or go to one) in Napoli, the undisputed city of pizza. I'm perplexed.

And no, I did not order one. I went for proper pizza at Da Michele and L'Europeo di Mattozzi. Street pizza on Via dei Tribunali at what I think was Di Matteo. Here's the best.


UPDATE 2/15/09: More info and debate on Pizza Cone at Slice.